Five Ways to Support Others in their Grief and Loss

article8There are times in our lives where we’re affected by tragedy. Sometimes, we’re not be the one who is directly impacted. Maybe it’s a sibling, our partner, a co-worker or a friend. Understanding how to be supportive can be difficult. You don’t want to act as though the problem doesn’t exist, but you also don’t want to keep bringing it up. It’s hard to know what’s right. If you haven’t experienced much loss in your life, supporting someone else in their loss can be a challenge.


There are many ways you can be helpful without shying away or overstepping. Here are a few:

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Set Boundaries and Get More Done at Work

150324_DOONAN_OfficeCharm.jpg.CROP.original-originalDo you ever find yourself saying, “I’ve been working all day, but I feel like I’ve gotten nothing done”. You’re certainly not alone! Why is it that most of us spend our days with a list of urgent tasks, but somehow don’t get through them all? This can lead to anxiety, stress and dissatisfaction with your work life, and can interfere with your happiness outside of the office.


By allowing ourselves to be disrupted by meetings, phone calls, emails, small talk and questions from our co-workers, we relinquish control over our schedules.  It seems impossible to get out of this cycle, but that’s not true. We can step back, evaluate what’s important, define boundaries, and stick to them.

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Productive Anger


Many of us are uncomfortable feeling angry. Some of us do everything possible to avoid the feeling as it provokes guilt and other negative emotions. For others, it’s all too familiar and is overused, often leading to bad results. Clearly, neither of these extreme relationships with anger is healthy.



In and of itself, anger is a natural and helpful emotion. Anger arouses the nervous system; it’s the “fight” in “fight or flight”.  It reminds us that something is happening that shouldn’t be, or that we’re not experiencing something we need.  It’s important to learn to notice and live with our anger. Knowing how to be angry can be productive. The goal is to consciously work with our anger in order to have it serve us.

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