Monique Silverman’s Counselling Services

Therapy makes it possible for people to get “un-stuck”, address general dissatisfaction and make positive changes in their lives. People may come to therapy because a specific crisis has occurred or they feel haunted by their past, and their sense of enjoyment is restricted. For others, therapy is an opportunity to develop greater personal awareness. Therapy focuses on the difficulties people have in relationships, whether as individuals or part of a couple, or social groups. I see individuals of any sexual orientation. I can help you deal with problems in areas such as:

Emotional Counselling

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Self-esteem
  • Anger
  • Self-destructive behavior
  • Shame/ Guilt

Life Stressors Counselling

  • Changes in family roles – becoming parents, leaving home, aging
  • Sexual identity questions
  • Job loss
  • Work place challenges
  • Addiction
  • Living with chronic illness in yourself or others
  • Parenting
  • Transitions/ Change

Loss and Grief Counselling

  • Death
  • Miscarriage, infertility
  • Loss of functioning
  • Sudden loss/ change due to illness, accident, or injury

Relationship Counselling

  • Communication problems
  • Intimacy issues
  • Conflict and power struggles
  • Decisions around separation and/ or divorce
  • Pre-marital counselling
  • Infidelity

If you experience these or other distresses, I would like to help you. Feel free to contact me to discuss your concerns in more detail. If I’m not the best person to help, I will refer you to someone who can.

Group Therapy

  • Psycho-educational
  • Process oriented
  • Workshops

Periodically, I offer a psycho-educational Group on Anxiety and Depression. The goals of the Group are to help you transform your anxiety and/or depression and to understand and learn:

  • what depression and anxiety really are
  • what’s happening in your body when you experience anxiety and depression
  • better coping skills
  • the difference between depression and sadness or grief
  • how anxiety can be useful
  • how other people manage their symptoms
  • what you can offer your Group members
    and a lot more..!

For more information or to register for an upcoming Group, please give me a call at 778-228-8456 or email me at

Monique Silverman, MA, RCC, CCC